Affiliated with China National BlueStar (Group) Co Ltd, Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center is the supporting unit of National Engineering and Technological Research Center for Liquid Separation Membrane and a base for the national membrane sector. Established in 1984, the center was previously a scientific institute under the State Oceanic Administration. In 2006, it joined China National BlueStar (Group) Co Ltd and specialized in membrane-based water treatment technology, product development, engineering design, production and system integration. Covering an area of  2.67 hectares with registered capital of 95 million yuan ($15 million), it has nearly 330 employees, among whom 70 percent are technical experts. The center boasts of one academician, 10 experts that enjoy special governmental allowances, 48 senior technical staffs and 55 intermediate technical staff members. It is one of the earliest domestic membrane R&D institutions and a leader of the liquid separation membrane sector.

It insists on safeguarding its leading position through innovations. Since the 6th Five-Year Plan, the center has undertaken nearly 100 projects, such as the nation's "863" and "973" projects, as well as major technical projects in Zhejiang, which has won awards such as first and third prizes of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, three prizes for tackling problems in science and technology, nearly 40 prizes at ministerial and provincial levels and obtained over 80 national patents. Overall technology is among the most advanced, reaching global advanced levels. The center is the backing unit of Chinese Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse Society and Zhejiang Province Membrane Society.

For decades, as a base for the national membrane sector adheres to the philosophy of "Full Solution" and has made achievements in sea water and brackish water desalinization, waste water and reclaimed water reuse, industrial water and municipal water treatment, pure water and ultrapure water preparation, chemical separation, concentration and purification sector. With its scale ranking foremost in the industry, the center has undertaken the design and construction work for over 400medium and large-sized water-treatment projects, offered more than 500 units of equipment to the market, and exported products to over 10 countries and regions in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

It is endowed with engineering design certificates, Grade A and Grade B consulting certificates and general contract certificates, as well as nearly 40 national registered engineers.

The Center sets, under jurisdiction of it, Hangzhou (Torch) Membrane Industries Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Beidouxing Membrane Products Co., Ltd. 

Hangzhou (Torch) Membrane Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, and as a corporation wholly owned by the Center, it integrates sci-tech development, production, business together, and mainly operates development, manufacture, sale and services of membrane separation techniques, separation membrane, water treatment engineering and technical products.

Hangzhou Beidouxing Membrane Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a hi-tech enterprise which was incorporated by the Center and is engaged specially in development, production and popularization of spiral wound and hollow fiber membrane elements.

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