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As the supporting institute of the National Liquid Membrane Separation Engineering & Technology Research Center, Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Development Center is affiliated with the China Society of Sea Water Desalination and Water Reutilization, National Water Purification Technology and Equipment Center and Zhejiang Membrane Society and distributor of the magazine, Water Treatment Technology.

The center is the base for research and development, achievements and production of separation membrane as well as for domestic and overseas academic exchanges.

It boasts of the best professionals, including academicians of the China Academy of Engineering and six experts who enjoy special government subsidies. The center can confer master degrees.

Party and national leaders such as Li Ruihuan, Huang Ju, Zou Jiahua, Chi Haotian, Jiang Zhenghua and Song Jian visited the center respectively. Former President Jiang Zemin observed its project.

Zou Jiahua and Chi Haotian wrote, “develop water technology to benefit whole society”, which demonstrated the mission and responsibility of the center.

In the past two decades, the center has grown from a research office with less than 3 million yuan ($474,846.14) assets to a leader in the membrane separation sector.

President Hu Jintao presented the reverse osmosis seawater desalination equipment as a gift to the Republic of Kiribati.

The center is the leader in R&D of membrane technology and enjoys rich experiences and great strength in product development and applications.

Since the Seventh Five-Year Plan (1986-90), it has completed nearly 100 key projects in the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the 973 Plan, 863 Plan, National Key Technologies R&D Program and the scientific and technological plans of National Natural Science Foundation of China, State Oceanic Administration and Zhejiang provincial government.

It has won first and third prize of the National Prize for Progress in S&T, three awards of the National Prize for Significant Achievements in Science and Technology R&D and over 40 provincial and ministerial prizes for progress in S&T.

It has developed new products and received more than 50 patents at the national level. It has undertaken the project for Key Technologies and Equipment Research of 10,000-ton Seawater Desalination through Membrane Technologies sponsored by the Ministry of Science & Technology.

The achievements end the long-term reliance on importing membrane technologies and products.

Membrane technology has become a typical clean technology and backbone of industries, that include concentration and extraction of special materials, desalinating seawater, purifying industrial water, boiler feed water and waste water recycling.

The center drafted and wrote more than 30 industry and national standards as well as standards and education guidelines for the National Membrane Technology Project.

It held over 20 international academic conferences and 30 training classes, which trained more than 3,000 people.

 It has participated in drafting national membrane technology and industry development plans and provided consulting services in key projects.

 Meanwhile, as a representative of the China membrane separation enterprise, the center participated in international membrane technology conferences.

The center has become one of the biggest companies in the membrane sector.

It has completed projects for chemical pure water, seawater desalination, boiler feed water, process water, medicinal water, ultra-pure water for electrical industry, concentration and separation of metal compounds and other industrial fields.

The 500 t/d output reverse osmosis seawater desalination project won gold prize in survey and design awarded by the State Oceanic Administration.

It participated in the construction of 1,000 ton and 10,000 ton reverse osmosis seawater desalination model projects, the 100,000 t/d project in Zhoushan, and 50,000 t/d project in Caofeidian.

The Caofeidian project was built by Chinese companies as the general contractor and model project of the National Development and Reform Committee.

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