Corporate Culture

Our Vision: To build an enterprise with cutting-edge technology and competitiveness in the international market as an industry leader.

Our Mission: To develop water technology and bring benefits to society.

Our Aim: To satisfy clients with creation, seek developments with innovations and realize life values with business.

Our Values: Work hard to develop the company and industry to contribute to industrial prosperity and motherland’s developments to achieve mutual developments and self-fulfillment.

Our Spirit: United, pragmatic, dedicated to work and innovative

Our Management Concepts:

Strategic Management Concepts: Be mindful of potential dangers

Organizational Management Concept: Focus on efficiency

Human Resources Management Concept: respect every employee

Marketing Management Concept: Try to seize every possible opportunity

Financial Management Concept: Be meticulous in planning and strict in budget

Business Management Concept: Fully devote oneself to work

Service Management Concept: Be committed to integrity

Safety Management Concept: Take responsibility at every moment

Code of Conduct for Employees:

To the Center: Be faithful; share honor or disgrace with it;

To Work: Be devoted to duties and work conscientiously

To Clients: Be enthusiastic and honest

To Colleagues: Respect each other, be united and work together

To Superiors: Respect leaders and comply with management

To Subordinates: Respect and care for them and maintain effective communication

To Oneself: Be confident and self-disciplined and strive to become stronger

Our Trademark:


WT-Water Treatment


Blue stands for the color of water. And the center is engaged in water treatment, which is desalinating seawater and transforming sewage into resources that are closely linked to water.

Green represents energy savings and environmental protections. The center has striven to save energy while desalinate seawater, and its technology of transforming sewage into resources have contributed to environmental protections.

The horizontal stroke that stretches across H like a wave symbolizes a steady flow of water for human beings and time-honored history of the center’s water treatment business.

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