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HWTT has nearly 330 employees. Professional and technical personnel more than 70%, including one academician of academy of engineering, 8 people enjoy special government allowances of experts, 50 senior technical personnel, intermediate technical staff of more than 70 people, 7 doctors, many people have been included in 151 in Zhejiang province, Hangzhou 131 talent project, a large number of the membrane technology research and engineering application and industrialization of technology development at home and abroad well-known experts, engineering and technology leader, formed an international leading level of technology innovation team, undertaken and completed more than 50 national and provincial major scientific and technological innovation project. The team was listed in the first batch of key construction technology innovation team in Zhejiang province, and was awarded the "11th five-year national science and technology plan implementation outstanding team" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Main engineering and technology leaders are introduced as follows:


Gao Congjie, academician of Chinese academy of engineering.

HWTT’s chief scientist, recipients of special government subsidies from the State Council. He has been engaged in the research and development of membrane separation for more than 50 years, and has won one first prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, one prize of Zhejiang Provincial Scientific and Technological Significant Contribution, and more than 10 first, second and third prizes of Provincial and Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress. He has published more than 200 papers and conference reports, co-translated one volume of professional books and periodicals, co-authored four volumes of professional books and periodicals, cultivated more than 40 masters and doctors, and made outstanding contributions to the progress of membrane technology and talent cultivation in China.



 Wang Shougen, professor of Engineering.


 Recipients of special government subsidies from the State Council. He has been engaged in membrane water treatment technology for a long time, and has presided over many national key scientific and technological projects such as national "tenth five-year plan" scientific and technological key project, national development and reform commission new material industrialization special project, national ocean public welfare industry special project, etc., which has played an important role in promoting the scientific and technological key and innovation of membrane water treatment technology in China.




Yang Bo, professor of Engineering.


Recipients of special government subsidies from the State Council.Zhejiang province ten thousand people plan science and technology innovation leading talents, national ministry of science and technology expert member, China membrane industry association expert committee member, China ocean engineering consulting association director. She has engaged in research, development and application of liquid membrane separation technology for a long time, has chaired or participated in national science and technology support project and other national and provincial science and technology projects and topic more than 10 items. He has undertaken and completed the desalination at home and abroad and dozens of membrane water treatment project, won the first prize in Zhejiang province scientific and technological progress and other 5 awards, has made an outstanding contribution for seawater desalination technology and industry development in our country.



 Pan Qiaoming, professor of Engineering.
Domestic well-known experts in liquid separation membrane research, he is selected in the talent plan 151 of Zhejiang province, has long been engaged in ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis membrane material research and development and industrialization technology research. As a project leader or the principal undertaker, has chaired or participated nearly ten national key projects of science and technology, such as the National 863 Plan, the 973 Plan, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) industrialization of new materials special, won the first prize for Zhejiang science and technology progress and other five awards, has made a great contribution to the science and technology and industry development of our country’s membrane technology.  



 Jin Keyong,  professor of Engineering.
He is a well-known expert in the application of electrodialysis membrane technology in China. He has been selected into 151 talent plan of Zhejiang province and his research direction is bipolar membrane electrodialysis. Over the years, he has undertaken four scientific research projects such as the National 863 Plan,, and 15 national invention patents. The bipolar membrane electrodialysis equipment has been successfully applied to zero discharge of wastewater, desulphurization of natural gas, pharmaceutical intermediates, gluconic acid, lactic acid and other fields.  

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