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The Lanzhou BlueStar Daily Chemicals Plant is located in Chengguan District of Lanhou, Gansu province. It covers an area of 18,538 square meters.

The company annually produces 50,000 tons of washing powder, 10,000 tons of soap, 6,000 tons of liquid detergent, 500 tons of glycerin and 20,000 tons of sodium silicate. Yan brand washing powder is listed among the first-class products and Gansu provincial high-quality products. Its washing powder and Chengrand brand soap won the Gold Award at the China Light Industry Exposition.

Both were named high-quality products by the former Ministry of Light Industry. Its detergent for silk and woolen goods won the Golden Dragon Award of the former National Economic and Trade Commission.

Chengrand brand energy soap was honored by the Gansu provincial economic and trade commission as an outstanding new product for new technological achievements. Its glycerin was also ranked among the high-quality products of Gansu province.

Since its foundation, the company has won numerous honors. The company has been named an advanced organization in the domestic light industry sector and was named an outstanding company of Gansu province.

The company was named a national advanced unit during the national industrial census. Lanzhou BlueStar Daily Chemicals won a second-class enterprise ranking in 1989 at the state level and a first-class enterprise ranking at the provincial level.

The company was named a model enterprise of Gansu province for 10 consecutive years. The company won the national, Time-Honored Brand, by the former Ministry of Domestic Trade in 1995.

The company passed an on-site review to qualify for the international Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

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