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Lanzhou BlueStar attends air pollution management seminar
Source: Lanzhou BlueStar Date: 2012-02-25

On February 24, Lanzhou BlueStar attended the Lanzhou air pollution management academician seminar held at City Hall.

On the previous day, experts led by Qin Dahe, academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), visited several institutions such as Lanzhou Xigu co-generation power, Lanzhou BlueStar Corp., Xigu environmental monitoring station, and Qilihe 3D digital community city management system to find out the city's pollution sources and check on environmental protection measures.

Yuan Zhanting, mayor of Lanzhou, addressed the meeting. A Lanzhou air pollution management expert consultation commission was initiated by employing several academicians and experts.

According to the mayor, a three-year plan to help solve the city's air pollution problem was introduced with experts invited to analyze problems and make suggestions.

Section leaders from the Lanzhou municipal government, principals of environmental departments from all counties, representatives of enterprises and environmental volunteers had discussed their experiences.

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