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Lanzhou BlueStar boosts corporate culture
Source: Lanzhou BlueStar Date: 2012-05-29

Lanzhou BlueStar has enriched the cultural lives of its staff and created an atmosphere of happy work and healthy lives.

It has upgraded apartments, renovated the dining hall where breakfast and lunch menus get disclosed and a card swipe system has been adopted to provide better dishes and services for employees.

An unused workshop into a recreational room has been equipped with illuminated courts and sports equipment including badminton sets, table tennis, basketballs and fitness equipment.

At noon and on weekends, staff could use the recreational room to play badminton, table tennis, and shuttlecock, skip ropes, do radio calisthenics and other sports. The company sponsored sports activities to inspire a better work spirit and improve cohesion.

In 1990, General Manager Ren Jianxin organized “The First Summer Camp of China BlueStar Chemical Cleaning Company”. Camp members had risen from 11 to 1,100, hailing from 12 countries.

The company has worked out Staff Children Award Rules based on the National College Entrance Examination Score in 2009. A financial aid program has granted 140,000 yuan ($21,994) to 50 children.

The company has provided physical and financial support for disaster-affected areas and employees facing difficulties.

It organizes biennial physical examinations for in-service employees and annual ones for those working in polluted or harmful environments and offers learning trips, paid leaves, medicine kits, work uniforms and subsidies for its employees.

Through newspapers, OA, blackboard newspapers, lectures, and psychological counseling, it cultivates  a harmonious work spirit.

The industrial goods engineering division works out annual and monthly training on product knowledge, presentation, sales skills, expertise, document writing, personal temperament, music and life.

The company has built a healthy corporate cultural atmosphere where each employee benefits.

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