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Hangzhou Water Treatment Launched the First Refinery Wastewater Zero Discharge Project in China
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2016-05-11

Hangzhou Water Treatment undertook the “200-cubic-meter/hour saline wastewater zero discharge and recycling project of Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. (Huifeng Petrochemical), and recently held a meeting for its launching. This shows that Hangzhou Water Treatment and Huifeng Petrochemical make joint efforts to pursue “new technique with low energy consumption and high efficiency for environmental protection”.

As a key enterprise in upgrading refinery techniques in Shandong, Huifeng Petrochemical has put RMB 280 million into environmental protection. Its philosophy of “saving and recycling energy for sustainable development through R&D” matches Hangzhou Water Treatment’s goal of saline wastewater zero discharge. Based on scientific experiments and practices, the latter has helped many enterprises pursue sustainable development with science and technology. This project of Huifeng Petrochemical not only realizes saline wastewater zero discharge, but also produces high-purity salt products.

In the ten-month preliminary inspection of this project, Hangzhou Water Treatment and Huifeng Petrochemical worked out a solution fitting saline wastewater zero discharge. In this solution, reclamation systematic technique is the highlight, which includes three major parts: preliminary treatment, salt division through concentration and crystallization through re-concentration. By integrating ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, sea water reverse osmosis, concentrated electric membrane, selective electric membrane, selective nanofiltration membrane and other advanced membrane technology and MVR selective crystallization and freezing crystallization, the project can realize “zero wastewater discharge” and “salt recycling”. Wastewater can be reused, and sodium chloride and sodium sulfate products meet the standard for industrial salt. With bipolar membrane technology of Hangzhou Water Treatment, some wastewater of high salinity will be turned into acid and alkali for the use of production technique. With stable and reliable operation and low material and energy consumption, the technique shows Hangzhou Water Treatment’s leading competitiveness in systematic solution of wastewater zero discharge and salt recycling.

Ma Yucheng, project director on the part of Huifeng Petrochemical, said that the project would be completed by the end of this year. By saving water of 1.6 cubic meter per year, it would become the benchmark project in terms of environmental protection.

As a liquid separation membrane research center designated by the State Science and Technology Commission, Hangzhou Water Treatment has an expert term led by Academician Gao Congjie. Since 2000, it has been engaged in zero discharge projects. Through R&D and engineering practice, it integrated a number of membrane technology and completed Guangdong Shaoguan smelting wastewater treatment project, Guizhou Batian wastewater treatment project, Gansu rare earth saline wastewater treatment project, making outstanding contribution to resources saving and recycling. It has also accumulated good practices on reliable, stable and efficient wastewater “zero discharge”.

In recent years, based on “innovation-driven environmental protection” ideas, Hangzhou Water Treatment has started environmental protection technique revolution in refinery industry, so as to pursue a harmonious coexistence of social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.

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